Behind the Brand

At Multilocal, we create and curate beautiful, ethically made home textiles and apparel that honour the maker, and the earth. The collections bring together our love of the creative and artistic juxtaposition and energy of the worlds where we are ‘locals’. Growing up in our home city of London, spending many years in Istanbul where our familial roots lie, and having also lived in several European countries, multiculturalism is our identity and at the heart of what we do. We take inspiration from these diverse backgrounds and our Anatolian roots. Our work is a modern interpretation of age old textile traditions, emphasising texture, tactility, quality, timelessness and longevity. With everything we produce, our intention is minimal impact on the planet, regeneration of artisan skills, and creating luxury heirloom items that will stand the test of time. We also source, restore and reuse vintage textiles to produce pieces that will be re-loved and cherished for many years to come whilst honouring the unique journey of each piece.

Based in London, Multilocal was founded in 2021 by Lale Inceoglu and Elif Yilmaz. Both with backgrounds in textiles, fashion and education, we are firmly committed to making design, materials and business choices with low-environmental impact and low waste. Through our thoughtfully made collections, we play our part in preserving and celebrating local and traditional craftsmanship and textiles, and supporting the artisans, individual weavers and family-run mills we work with in Southern Turkey.