Maze – Peshtemal


Hand loomed Peshtemal/Throw in our classic Maze design. Made from the highest quality organic cotton, these multifunctional throws/towels are luxuriously thick and soft. Super versatile; can be used throughout the year as a towel, throw, scarf, tablecloth, blanket, curtain…you get the idea!

100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton and natural dyes.

hand loomed by artisans on traditional shuttle looms in Southern Turkey with natural materials to  help create the ultimate luxurious and longer-lasting quality.

measures 175 x 95 cm (not including tassels)

sizes may vary due to the hand loomed nature of this product.


We are proud to work with a small community of weavers in the southeastern region of Turkey. Our unique towel ranges are ethically and sustainably made in small batches, each design being unique to a particular artisan, slowly weaving on a traditional shuttle loom. Our designs, though similar, change frequently to protect the uniqueness of our product.

We help revive the beautiful Turkish craftsmanship of hand looming on traditional wooden shuttle-looms and each purchase helps support the livelihood of these artisans and their communities. 

The handwoven element can be seen in the selvedge edges and the double loop weave tassels that create a beautiful plushness. 

Our towels are designed for maximum softness, strength and absorbency. Due to their organic and untreated nature, they will last for decades and become softer and more absorbent with each wash if treated with the right care (see Product Care).

Due to the untreated and organic nature of our flat woven range of Peshtemals, Peshkirs, you will find that, if you wish to use them as a towel, with time they learn to become more and more absorbent. However, we still strongly advise you to ‘break in’ your towels to increase and maintain their absorbency and quality.

Here’s how to break in your towels:
-soak the towel in cold water for 10-12 hours and hang to drip dry. (If you really must use a dryer, then put it on the spin cycle of the washer, then into the dryer.)
-repeat this 2-3 times to vastly increase the absorbency of your towel. If your towel is an Ecru coloured one, this is a raw fibre towel, and may need to be repeated 4-5 times.
- If your towels seem extra stubborn, it may be that your water is hard. You can soften the water with 1/2 cup of clear vinegar in the soaking/washing water.

Everyday care for COTTON flat-woven items:
Washing machine 30-40℃ *Note: Avoid washing with any objects (straps, zips, velcro) that could get caught on the loops.
Do NOT use Fabric Softener or Bleach.
Cool-medium dryer (line drying is preferable)
Do not over dry cotton and do not use hot temperatures for linen
Some cosmetics and skincare products may cause discolouration, so take care when using them.

Should you get a pull on any of our flat woven items, here’s how to fix it:
1. Take hold of the throw on either side of the pull. Make sure your hands are in line with the pulls and give a couple of good tugs pulling your hands away from each other. If the pull is not large, this can fix it. If it's a little larger, get another person and each of you can hold from opposite sides (fringe side - warp side) and again, the two of you give a couple of really good tugs away from each other. If this doesn't make it disappear completely, then you can try method 2.

2. From the pull, follow that thread up to the closest fringe and take hold of the Ecru thread in the fringe you believe to have been pulled. Gently tug on it and if you've picked the correct one, you can pull the thread back down. It may take a few tries to find the right warp thread, but with patience, it can be achieved. The extra bit sticking out at the fringe, may require you to untie the knot that it's part of and retie, so that it's not sticking out.

-Handmade in Turkey
-100% Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified Cotton)
-Handwoven by artisans using traditional shuttle looms
-Highest quality long staple threads.

Additional information

Dimensions 175 × 95 cm

red, mustard, green, blue, grey


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