Our Bathe collection includes both thick looped (terry) towels and flat woven towels which are hand loomed using only the finest long-staple Turkish threads of organic cotton and linen and non-toxic dyes. Our Thick Looped Towels are offered in various sizes from our largest luxurious Bath Sheets to our smallest Wash Cloths.  Our flat woven range includes Peshtemals (large hammam towels) and Peshkirs (small hammam towels), used traditionally as head towels in the hammam.

We are proud to work with a small community of weavers in Turkey who produce our towels in small batches in limited edition designs. It typically takes the weavers far longer to make a single towel using this ancient slow process and thus our luxurious limited edition towels are really something to be cherished. We are proud to help revive and nurture the art of weaving towels on traditional shuttle looms, which has been threatened by mass producing factories since the popularity of the Turkish Towel.

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