Recreate a traditional deep exfoliation treatment at home with our vegan and sustainable Spa Mitts made of tree bark on old style shuttle looms. Revitalise and invigorate your body through natural peeling of dead skin cells.

The ancient bathing ritual of Hammam, performed in Turkish bath houses known as the Hammam, is probably the oldest surviving bathing ritual in the world. It provides purification and healing of the skin through a deep exfoliation performed with an exfoliation mitt known as the ‘Kese’. This ultimate natural skin renewal treatment, still used regularly by most people in Turkey today, is an integral part of this ancient bathing ritual. 

Benefits of the Kese include: 

-removal of dead skin cells encouraging oxygenation and renewal of skin cells

-opens skin pores and removes sweat, dirt and excess oils

-discourages pimples, blackheads 

-reduces inflammation

-activates lymphatic drainage thus reduces cellulite

-helps prevent age spots

-cleans, smooths and softens the skin

-increases blood flow and circulation which helps skin look younger

Performed regularly, this deep exfoliation will help energise, revitalise and invigorate the whole body.

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