It’s time to bring some fun and joy into the kitchen! Our colourful flat woven towels, known as Peshkir, make the perfect luxury tea towels. Yes, they are beautiful and of the highest quality, but all the more reason to surround yourself with them; and where better than the kitchen!

Each piece is lovingly loomed by a small community of weavers in Southern Turkey. We help revive and nurture the art of weaving on traditional shuttle looms, which has been threatened by the popularity of this ‘Turkish towel’ made in mass producing factories. We use only the finest long staple threads  – 100% GOTS Certified Cotton – and non toxic dyes. Designed for beauty and endurance in limited edition colours and designs in small batch runs, these pieces will outlast factory made equivalents by three times longer.

Our luxurious Peshkirs have hand-knotted tassels and a selvedge edge trim, only achievable when loomed by hand. The multitude of uses of this flat weave technique means that Peshkirs can be used as hand towels, tea towels, table runners, place mats and so much more. 

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